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Ross Buehler – Attorney at Law

Ross Buehler is a Partner with the law firm of Lampin, Kell, Fagras, Linson, Buehler and Chandler. Our law firm is located in St. Charles County, Missouri. Our attorneys average over twenty years of courtroom and trial experience and we have been providing zealous and experienced representation to clients in courts ranging from municipal courts to the Federal Court throughout the St. Charles and St. Louis County metropolitan areas.

An individual or a family may have many legal needs resulting from injuries in car accidents, at work or from catastrophic inflictions caused by defective prescription medication or from asbestos. Unforeseen events like serious criminal charges and the financial stress caused by a loss of employment or sudden illness or divorce can also arise. These situations call for an experienced lawyer to guide and assist you through them. Our law firm has garnered a partnership of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers to address these needs that you and your family may face. Allow us the opportunity to represent you.

Our legal system is designed to protect your rights. However they may be perilous to navigate alone. Our firm will be your advocate. We will assist you in navigating the travails of this often perplexing system. Experience matters when you are facing any type of legal matter. Having the right lawyer for your specific need will help you find solutions in those difficult times

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